Monday, August 15, 2011

Egg Carton Critters

I'm a huge fan of recyclable materials, and one of the great benefits to using them in this economy is that they really are a cost saver. Egg cartons are especially great because chances are you always have one on hand, and they make fantastic childrens crafts. Egg Carton Critters are a classic, and there are so many variations- you simply cannot do them wrong! Here is what I used-
1 egg carton, with the bottoms cut out and trimmed for uniform length
Pipe cleaner (s) depending on how many you plan to do

Paint (we used watercolors )
String (optional)
Googly Eyes OR paper circles from hole-punch
Craft Scissors

We spread out some paper ( we used left over paper bags ) to catch any spilling, and got to work painting the bodies, and when they were dry I punched 3 holes on each side for the legs. Cut 1 pipe cleaner into 3 equal sections, pushed through and pressed the inside part up and against the side. Glued on eyes, punched a hole through the top, added string, knotted on the bottom, and Voila! Critter who could be held from above while he scuttled along on the ground.

We also did some 'winged' critters. First step was to color the bodies, and set aside to dry. While they were drying we took another egg carton bottom painted it in the desired color and pattern, and when it was dry- cut it in half (or fourths depending on the type of wing). Glue heavily along the side you are going to place on the body, prop, and let dry. Add eyes, legs, or antennas, string- and go have fun!

The picture above is the variations my four year old did! They include spider, lady bug, moth, and just 'bug'. A great easy craft with materials you already have on hand! And a great opportunity to craft something fun together.

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